Discreet escort services

Many men use a regular escort services, but they want to keep it discreetly for various reasons. All those involved in the field of women escorts, through the managers of various agencies and employees are committed to keeping secret, and they are careful about that. Even single men who do not have a permanent relationships with escorts, would prefer to keep secret meetings in various social causes, even though, in many cases, the meetings are based on guidance for business, entertainment in restaurants, tours and more.


Tourist Service


Tourists who come to Israel, and emotionally available from personal commitments during the trip, can arrange the escorts for several days, or several evening if comfortable and cozy. They are in a good period of life, traveling alone, but want an escort who knows recreation areas and who will accompany them. The tourists are willing to pay the expenses and hired a woman companion, if this kind of entertainment they prefer. They know that there is no emotional involvement, and it’s convenient for them to return home after a visit to Israel to continue their routine.


Women with different personalities


Escort service agencies they have many women that are great-looking and different in personal way or another. The customer can ask for the most comfortable escort, and with whom he will deliver hours of entertainment surprises in different frameworks and agency managers know that, generally, you match the woman or girl requested in customer taste. In any case, it is possible to ask for another woman in the case of lack of chemistry between the couple. There escorts, high, medium height, lower and more. Others have a fair complexion, dark brown, and have different coloured hair.




Service of escort services will be provided throughout the country, and the woman would make contact and reach wherever required. If the accompaniment is a several-day trip across the country which includes, then she separated from the man at night and meet him the next day, but in cases where lodging is in a remote place, she will stay in one of the hotels in the same place. Relationship between stops after termination of the agreement, and the man remain pleasant memories from the trip, and the encounter with the woman companion. And it will continue to the next man accompanied by extra.