Escort girls going on vacation

An escort girls can afford a luxurious vacation abroad?

Escort girls earn between 400 – 4,000 per hour when most of them are at the range of 400 – 700 per hour & if we’ll calculate how much they earn exactly will find out that it would be almost half a million at the end of each year.

A hard working escort girl who work thoroughly & professionally every day of the week just like in a day job, will most certainly find herself at the end of the week with suitcases full of money that even doctors & lawyers don’t have the privilege to earn.

What grants them the unique advantage & benefit of takes the vacations of their dreams whenever they only decide to.

How many times a year can an escort girls go on a vacation?

An escort girl earning about 700 Shekel per hour will work more than an hour a day & if she’ll lucky someone will hire her for the entire night & leave her with a nice fat stack of money.

In simple words an escort girl take a vacation every single month of the year to where ever they would like to when there is nothing that can stop them.

Though the wise ones will prefer to save the money instead of wasting it like it was sand because escort services don’t last forever.

Where does the escort girls go on vacation?

Escort girls drive to any destination they would like when usually they are the exotic place with as much as beaches & parties as possible.

Some also love Europe where there are endless of interesting people to meet & see fascinating attraction.

Some are more the relaxed type & will only rather drive to calm place where they can spend the entire day in the pool and buy the most expensive cloths.