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Every girl goes through professional training before she begins to work, our reputation at business ladies is very important to us so we take great care and worry that every girl feels pleased with her work self-assured and in complete control so she can provide the highest quality of service to any customer.

We offer a wide range of exclusive escort services of all kinds such as a strip shows, erotic massages, escorts to events and much more(It is important to note that these are not sex services that include sex and other sexual acts. Advertising of these services is illegal and prohibited on our site!). Each girl chooses which escort service she is ready to offer and she’s not obligated to offer all of the services, for example if a girl is not attracted to women she would not have to provide  performances or escort service to women.

We are very discreet, maintaining confidentiality is highly in our priorities order and we do not reveal the identity of the girl to any customer or company. Each girl will be prompted to find a nickname to represent her and accompany her as an escort, we blur the faces of the women in photos but it’s recommended to leave a not blurry picture because it increases the percentage of demand by nearly 3 times according to our statistics.

Very high salaries are guaranteed while the girls who will thrive and succeed greatly will level up to the  VIP level escort services without sex and their hourly price may rise by hundreds to thousands of shekels per a single hour. A great number of our escort masseuse girls live a high quality life with a high income and can afford themselves cars, apartments, cloths and attractive recreations nonstop.

In addition the hours and days of work are very flexible and you can create your own personal schedule where each meeting will be scheduled according to your convenience when and accordingly to the customer.

We offer only expensive and luxurious without sex escort services and therefore we work only with high quality wealthy clients like rich tourists from abroad, respected business man and financially successful man who can afford luxury cars, yachts, apartments and hotels.

We also provide without sex escort services to glamorous parties important events or even business meetings where there is required a beautiful and attractive girl to impress the customer.

Israel I.D is required and an available personal mobile phone.

If you are interested in becoming on of our new phenomenal escort masseuse girls or interested In more details you can contact us via number 077-801-0666, or fill the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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