The resistance for legalization of the escort services

Escort services TM – The religion

Democratic state of Israel takes the religious side as seriously as imaginable & grant it the highest priority possible within the country, make escort services look from that perspective as sin & unforgivably lust.

A state that bases her more ground breaking rules by religious cannot afford herself the unjustified pleasure of escort services when most of it’s citizens are deeply religious.

That’s why this is a major concern in the topic of whether legalizing the escort services as a legitimate business.

Escort services TM – The moral

Beside religion, rest of the population might see the topic as an unconventional & as an unmoral factor in the country and will see women offering their bodies as an unethical problem.

Families, other women & politicians with a forceful influence might determinedly refuse to accept such a factor without daring to hesitate making the issue even harder to solve.

So anytime the escort services try to fight their way for freedom a big fat unstoppable red stop sign is in their faces and they have no other choice but to surrender.

Escort girls TM – Women’s honor & the career

Feminist women believe in the right that women can do anything they’ll decide and be treated equally as men but for the escort services they witness it as a same for the female race.

They won’t be willing to sacrifice hundreds of years of fighting just so escort girl could be in the streets embarrassing their race.

Another reason is the fact that if you make escort service legal, only more & more girls would want to work for them, which will increase their rate of a less successful life & career.